Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Big Bear Werewolf

Big Bear has been a popular place for filming for many years. Many movies have been shot throughout locations in Big Bear that include some very famous faces.

Cecil B. DeMille  was one of the first Hollywood producers to use Big Bear as a location for filming. The second film that DeMille had ever made was made in Big Bear, it was, "The Call of the North", although a newby to the film industry, the movie was critically acclaimed as a success which firmly established him as a major director.

Camp Cedar Lake, a popular local in Big Bear proved to be irresistible to movie moguls. Its beauty and peaceful surroundings and private location made for a perfect spot for filming. The movie industry began filming at the Camp in the mid-1930s. Studios such as 20th Century Fox, Columbia, Paramount, and Warner Brothers have all produced films here through the years. Television shows such as “Bonanza”, “Lassie”, “FBI Story”, and “Hart to Hart” were also filmed here. An Elvis Presley movie, Kissing Cousins was filmed at the old saw mill in the 1960's.

Stars such as Ed Asner, Henry Fonda, Hayley Mills, Elvis Presley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and John Wayne have all starred in and/or produced films on the premises. Television shows such as "Bonanza" "FBI Story" and "Hart to Hart" were also filmed here at Cedar Lake Camp.

Digging deeper, on a Halloween level, I discovered that the classic ’80s slasher film, Friday The 13th was filmed at the lake. Digging even deeper I stumbled upon this interesting video where it highlights excerpts from a 1956 Werewolf movie made in Big Bear while also showing what that specific area depicted in the film looks like today. It's great, you can actually recognize it even though the film was made so long ago.

Take a look - it's a "Howl" (pun intended, LOL)

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