Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Getting Close to Party Time!

Well, as October evenings grow darker moving toward the end of the month. More and more people are asking for more party ideas. I've been seeing some great home haunt displays and will continue to share the wealth as time permits.

In the meantime, I would love to encourage you to send in your pictures and/or recipes of anything pertaining to the Halloween Holiday.

Don't forget to stock up on lots of candy, you know how you use to talk about the neighbors who didn't have candy or kept their lights off so that no one would come by. They are just bah hum buggers!

Think about how bad you would feel if a little treater came to your door just when you ran out of candy, or, worse yet, you didn't buy any! Don't disappoint the little gremlins, after all, it's really their time to have fun!

At Gold Rush Resort Rentals we love to have fun and make sure our guests are greeted with a smile. Our plan is to dress up in costume for our guests the whole weekend before the holiday as well as on Halloween. Come on by and receive a treat from us, we'd love to see you stop by in costume.

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