Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't forget to bring the necessities for Thanksgiving!

When you're renting a cabin for Thanksgiving or any holiday, planning ahead is essential and is the best advice and the first step to an awesome holiday dinner. The extra effort here will be worth it when the family sits down to a well prepared meal from your kitchen away from home.

If you're planning to cook your holiday meal at the rental cabin, be sure to bring all the specialty cook and bake ware you know you need in order to carry out the task.

Although the cabins on our program offer a kitchen, each kitchens equipment is geared toward each owner. We highly encourage all the chefs to bring the necessary specialty items needed to ensure your Thanksgiving master piece is what it should be. Items to consider on your list, an electric hand mixer, electric carving knife, turkey baster, foil roasting pan (for easy clean up), pie tins for baking delicious pumpkin harvest pies, cheese cake pan, cassarole dishes, cookie trays, muffin tins, etc.

Our local markets in Big Bear have everything you need so you can buy your groceries on the hill. We have a Von's and Staters markets besides convenience markets scattered throughout the community. Vons service deli is awesome and you can order prepared trays or items in addition to the ones you are preparing making your time spent in the kitchen a breeze.

Don't forget your spices, plastic wraps, foil, as well as other seasonings etc.

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