Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Winter Season Officially Begins In Big Bear!

Did you know that the Snow Summit Ski Resort in Big Bear Lake was where the history of the first snow making began for producing man made snow at any ski resort? Well, that’s a fact!  Last weekend we had some natural snow fall, that , along with Bear Mountain producing a base of approximately two feet of snow made it possible for the Bear to open  and shortly thereafter, Snow Summit opened as well. That makes it official!  The 2011 winter season has begun!

All indicators are predicting an awesome winter season with favorable possibilities of more snow coming soon and consistently through February.  When you are traveling to Big Bear, don’t forget to layer your clothes as the weather is much cooler in altitude. You’ll need hats and gloves and a good jacket. Since traffic delays can be a problem at times, we highly recommend bringing drinking water and snacks just in case of a long delay. It’s also a good idea to bring a small shovel, a mat, and definitely tire chains. Never drive the mountain without chains for your  tires as they will turn you back if you do not have them.  There will be attendants to help you put on your chains at certain key points.

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