Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jacuzzi tubs bubbley and flowers Oh my!

If your looking for a long overdue vacation, plan a romantic getaway to Big Bear Lake. We have the perfect package for you here at The Gold Rush. We have plenty of cabins that have a beautiful jacuzzi spa, views of the surrounding areas maybe the ski slope or perhaps even the lake. If you'd like to take advantage of our "Romance Package" we can have a few things to make your evening special, waiting in the cabin upon your arrival. You'll be surprised to find a small candle a bottle of sparkling cider and a rose waiting for your love. We even have a few extras to compliment your unsurpassed romantic jester color it up if you will. We have pinecones that make your fire turn a spectacular show of colors and also a light to go in the jacuzzi to turn the water into a beautiful rainbow bath! Come join us here in Big Bear after the crazy hectic holidays for your romantic getaway soon!

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