Monday, December 19, 2011

Wildlife in Big Bear

We have so much wildlife here in Big Bear. The animal abound all over place
In each and every tree you'll find cute gray squirrels, along with blue jays, woodpeckers and black crows. You may even spot a red tail hawk or if your really lucky a majestic bald eagle.

There's chipmunks roaming the ground and raccoons sneaking around at night. Its possible you'll see a coyote, and you may run into a skunk or a beaver along the forest trail. We also have bigger wildlife such as bobcats, mule deer big horn sheep and yes we still have bears! They may not be the wild grizzly bears that we got our name from, but we do have smaller black bears roaming the hills.

You may not want to share whats in your picnic basket, but you could always put out some peanuts, bird seed or even old bread and watch to see the wildlife come out to share your treats.

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