Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shamrock or Clover, What is the Difference?

Well, nothing really. The word Irish "shamrock" translates to clover in English.

The real difference comes in the amount of leaves that the clover bears, and we all know that the four leaf clover is the lucky one. Why? Well, it is much more rare to find one of these. It has been studied, and the four leaf clover is a special mutation of the three leaf clover, and its said only one of ten thousand plants mutate, making it a very unique occasion to find one.

The four leaves of the clover stand for, hope, faith, luck and love. The three leaf clover is commonly associated with Christian Trinity. For instance, think of the sign of the cross for the Catholic religion, Its forehead, shoulder, shoulder, three leaves.

The history of the clover still holds many mythical beliefs such as, that they posses a magic in them, to be able to see fairies and plant spirits. So this St. Patrick's Day, I wish you all the luck and if you can't get your hands on a four leaf clover, maybe have yourself another pint and you'll see the fairies and spirits without the shamrock!

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