Monday, May 21, 2012

Geodes Available at Gold Rush Resort Rentals!

That's right, we now have Geodes at Gold Rush Resort Rentals! These are awesome and the best thing is that no two are alike. Each one is offers their own tiny treasures inside. This is a great way to introduce the kids to the gifts of nature.  

Don't know what a geode is? Well, to put in simple terms. A geode is much like a tootsie pop, many (not all) are round on the outside with a surprise center on the inside.   Geodes are created in the hollow areas of soil where tree roots or animal burrows would be. They are also formed from the bubbles in volcanic rock. Over time, thousands of years, dissolved minerals seep into a hollow area and harden into an outer shell creating the geode. The minerals continue to form on the inside walls of the shell, growing towards the center. The most common dissolved mineral is quartz, but amethyst and other minerals are also found.

Amazing as they are, their appeal knows no bounds in age group. We are seeing that young children and adults alike are amazed to crack open a geode and discover its beautiful crystals. Many have never seen a geode before!

You don't have to rent a cabin in order to acquire your geode. Just come on into our office and choose one from our box. We have nugget size and motherlode size. The nugget size is only $4.99 each and the motherlode is just $9.99.

You can take the geode home and break it there or you can have us do the work for you. When we do it we like to make a ceremony out of it and provide an authentic "prospectors" helmet with googles to protect the eyes from possible rock fragments and then we go to work pounding on the rock with our miners pick until it cracks. This is a perfect kodack moment or even take a video.

The geode makes an great souvenier from your trip in Big Bear.

We look forward to helping you with a gift from mother nature!

The Gold Rush Prospecting Team!

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