Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend full of fishing and fun!

Memorial Day Weekend was full of interesting weather and action packed memories on Big Bear Lake. Everyone had a great time and managed to find the positive things in the ever changing weather as we decided that it was an additional bonus that made the fishing unforgettable. Saturday morning started with brushing the light layer of snow off the boat and preparing to venture out into the wind, fog and brutal cold. It was a good thing the trout were biting and did not disappoint or keep us waiting out it the frigid conditions. Within 72 hours Lucky Bear Fishing spent 27 hours on the lake with families from Arizona, Nevada and California. We did nine three hour trips and each trip averaged 8 hard fighting rainbow trout.
With the weather, dramatic temperature changes in the lake in the past month and all the water sports activities it was important to prepare and plan. We got plenty of rest and then set out with intentions of having to work a little harder! We did change up lures/bait often, tried different depths and covered lots of territory. There were only six hours of fishing where the trout were a bit predictable but they had us on our toes and being creative while on the hunt the entire weekend. It was not easy, but planning did pay off! We had many fish right at the 2 lb range and several over and even a 3.6 lb lunker on Tuesday early evening! Richard Wen from Mesa, AZ caught that lunker and is currently winning the LUCKY LUNKER contest. Please visit for details.
The depths that hit the most were 6 feet and between 19-24 feet. PKLures, Michigan Stingers, Needlefish and Night Crawlers were hit the most. Copper, Silver and Chartreuse and Pink/Purple colors were the hottest. Metcalf Bay and in front of Lagunita Lodge were where we caught the most fish. What an awesome Memorial Day Weekend trout fishing with fine folks on one of the most beautiful lakes in America. Big Bear Lake is the perfect place to celebrate our freedom and for moments to reflect and remember those who protect and fight for our great country. It was nice to hear and to say so many words of appreciation and gratitude for each other as well as for nature and all the beauty surrounding us as we fished.

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