Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Out Door News Service - Pro Rating for Fishing on Big Bear Lake

Pro's Overall Rating for this Water: 4
Conditions on the lake are becoming more like summer than spring. Water clarity is at about 11 feet and the oxygen levels have dropped off at 33 feet near the dam, Papoose Bay, and the west ramp, and down to 23 feet off the observatory and Juniper Pt. Trout are still showing in good numbers from the observatory and west, while the east end is producing more summer time species with surprisingly good action on crappie, bluegill and smallmouth bass. The largemouth bass are going into their spawn mode, gathering on nesting beds along the shore of the lake.

Trout are being landed by just about any means known. Trollers going three to four colors down with just about any spoon in tow are getting their limits. Surface action can be good early and late in the day. Bait anglers using a slip bobber rigged to about 20 feet or drifting from a boat are producing good counts, while shore anglers have a lesser chance if they fish just off the bottom.
      Best Time to Fish
Morning            Afternoon      Evening
3AM - 11AM
               11AM - 6PM
            6PM - 12AM

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