Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainbow Trout on the Move in Big Bear Lake!

If you are planning to come up for May Trout Classic this weekend it should be beautiful and the trout should not disappoint! You might need to work a little harder and change your strategy. What might work on one day may not the next. Lately our plan has changed dramatically from hour to hour and you should go with what the trout want and not with what YOU want! Don't stick with what you "think" should work if it's not but instead make sure you bring plenty of backup and get creative! You cannot have enough tricks in your bag right now. Needlefish and Dick Nites in almost any color/pattern have hit for us since this past Saturday and produce the most fish but with NO exact locations, depths or speed! Night crawlers have got the biggest fish- several at over 2 lbs. Depths that you would not necessarily think would work just might. Bottom line- don't be shy with selection and don't give up. Make sure to change up about every 15 minutes if you have not found a lure and depth the trout are lovin' and you should come in with a fine stringer and get your limit. The quality of fish is what matters now NOT quantity! The trout are fighting hard, putting on a great show and are usually 1 1/2 to 2 lbs or bigger. Go to Big Bear Sporting goods and let the guys help you to beef up your selection and also get some scent! All fish in the photographs were perfect for eating. John and Karen from Vegas spent the past two days trolling and caught 21 fish in eight hours. Tuesday the bite was on and Wednesday the bite turned way down but was still good. All smaller trout were released and they kept some nice ones! These fish were caught from 2ft to 24ft in Metcalf Bay or East to Lighthouse Resort and most were near the observatory. Good Luck to everyone participating in the May Trout Classic it should be nice weather. John spent his 79th Birthday 5/15/12 on Big Bear Lake and the trout did not let him down!

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