Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer is here and kids are getting out of school and going fishin'

In the past couple of weeks the weather has been extreme and dramatic to say the least. We have gone from folks wearing their ski clothes to fish in to shorts and tank tops in less than one week. The trout can't take off winter jackets and put on summer shorts so we'll assume that they are adjusting to these weather changes like we are! Trout fishing has officially got tough and many people are spending the day with not many bites. The best suggestions we can give is to stay determined and have a fun time! If you switch up your lure or bait about every fifteen minutes and change locations and depths often you should be able to round up some nice quality rainbow trout. The chance of catching a trophy size trout also exists. If there was any consistency to lures, locations, depth or other useful information we would provide it. The best thing to do is keep fishing and trying different things. The lures that worked the most in the past week are a variety of needlefish, PKLures, Rapalas and night crawlers. The trout were caught from surface to 25 feet. As quick as the trout turned off they should turn back on. In the meantime, patience is part of fishing and that is something that's not too bad to learn on gorgeous Big Bear Lake. The weather is exceptional and the lake is still wide open so get up for some fun summer time fishing. It's going to be a fun Father's Day Fishing Weekend on the lake! All these cute kids caught some fish this week but they also learned patience and were perfect sports.

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