Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teachers ruled the trout on Big Bear Lake this week!

This week brought a group of teachers from Arizona to Big Bear Lake for team building, relaxation and fun times! We took the teachers out fishing in small groups over the past six days and everyone loved the lake and enjoyed themselves and found out how much fun trolling for rainbow trout can be. They each reeled in multiple trout and learned that fishing is a great thrill and challenge at the same time. The weather was spectacular and the group remarked how nice it was to not be in 114 degree temperatures and out of the desert and in a lush green forest. It was also nice to hear that they each want to bring their families back to experience the beauty and activities of the mountains. This past week the majority of our trout were caught trolling from Metcalf Bay to the dam and over to north shore at Grays Landing. Many quality 2-2.5 lb trout were caught from the surface to 25 feet. Night crawlers on the down riggers at 6ft and 15ft and Dick Nites in brass with orange and brass with chartreuse, PKLures 1/4oz copper flutter fish along with prototypes from PKLures are all working on leaded lines 3.5 to 4 colors. Various flies on the surface were working well in the mornings. If you are thinking of bringing a group to Big Bear Lake for a retreat make sure to check out Gold Rush Resort Rentals for awesome cabins that neighbor each other in great locations There are many activities for groups to participate in together like charter fishing. Lucky Bear Fishing Charters can accommodate up to eight adults comfortably on our fully loaded pontoon boat or up to 10 people if at least two children are in the group. Lucky Bear is perfect for bringing families, friends or coworkers together for a unforgettable trout fishing experience on a gorgeous lake that provides unlimited photo opportunities. The teachers enjoyed jet skiing, cruising around in a pontoon rental, Miss Liberty boat tour, zip lining and charter fishing. Here are some other great ideas for activities or things to do while staying in Big Bear Lake Big Bear Lake is a perfect place to create lasting lifetime memories and also relax and enjoy all of the natural beauty the mountains and lake have to offer. These teachers were not all sure that they would like to fish but all found out that trout fishing is the ultimate fun thing to do on Big Bear Lake. As soon as they caught their first fish they each were hooked. Most enjoyed eating the fresh trout they caught themselves and wanted to have it more than once for dinner. It was nice to know that these fine teachers who came from Arizona left the San Bernardino National Forest hooked and wanting to come back for more trout fishing and fun times on Big Bear Lake! Call Mike or Trish at Lucky Bear Fishing if you have questions or want to book a charter 909-866-7303

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