Sunday, July 8, 2012

What a week of fishing and fun celebrating Independence Day!

This past holiday week brought Lucky Bear some special trips as usual. From kids, little babies, all ages of adults and several dogs we all had a blast together out on the gorgeous lake. We were blessed with beautiful sunny blue skies that were filled with puffy clouds. It was truly a spectacular way to spend time celebrating the 4th of July. One of the best trips ever for a first fish experience was a customer from Gold Rush Resort Rentals! This fine family had a group of four boys and a small girl who wanted to experience fishing on Big Bear Lake. One boy in the family made a special fishing request to fish on a boat with a guide. As their fishing trip started four of the kids got to reel in trout right away with lots of action as the trout were biting at the first moments but then we had to wait while the fish took a break. The trip went on and then right near the end the boy who wanted to fish the most finally got his special FIRST FISH! It was a beauty, the largest of all and about 1.5lbs. His trout fought hard and put on a show all the way to the net. He was the star of the trip. We look forward to seeing this family again one day as they plan to come back to the cabin they rented and fish with us again too! It was a satisfying Gold Rush/Lucky Bear experience for them and made us feel good that their stay was so perfect. Each fishing trip had it's special and fun memorable moments this week and we can't get enough of seeing people of all ages get hooked for life on the joy our trout fishing. The week was hit and miss at times as far as the bite goes. We had a trip with only three fish in three hours but with all the boat activity, fireworks and even an earthquake I guess we can allow for the trout to shy away for a bit. The best lures of the week were PK Lures flutter fish and prototypes, Michigan Stingers, flies and night crawlers. We trolled from Metcalf Bay/Windy Point and west toward the dam. Most nice size hold overs were caught out in the deeper water. Our lines were out from the surface to to 23 feet deep. We averaged 9 fish in a three hour trip. Low trip 3 fish and our highest trip was 22 fish. Morning and late afternoons are producing the most trout however we have had a few nice mid day trips as well. It is important to be active and change up lures every 15 minutes and you must have a nice selection of lures now because each day and hour can be different. It's a great year to hire a charter or guide because fishing has become more unpredictable and much trickier this season! Check out the current winner of the annual LUCKY LUNKER contest and visit for more information. Bayard Johnson from Stillwater, Minnesota caught a 7.14 lb rainbow trout on the north shore trolling a fly on July 3, 2012.

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