Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It was a sweet summer and it should be fantasic fall fishing on Big Bear Lake!

The summer could not have been sweeter on Big Bear Lake for all water activities. The weather was incredible, fishing was fine and most important the memories made with so many special visitors were PRICELESS. Big Bear is truly a four season getaway and we think you should visit at least once during winter, spring, summer and fall. FALL IS FANTASTIC and personally as trout fishers we find fall the most appealing for being out on the lake catching rainbow trout. This blog is to inspire you to get to Big Bear soon during this time and try some trout fishing before winter hits. Not only are the trout loving the cooler water temperatures and starting to bite more but the scenery is absolutely amazing. If you go out on the lake this time of year and troll for rainbow trout you will feel as if you are fishing in a PAINTING.  First thing you notice as you're trolling along and looking into the lake is the colors and different effects of the water. Then you look up and outward and start taking in the beauty of the entire lake and incredible views all around the shoreline. You'll get lost looking at all the trees with their different shades of leaves which is a kaleidoscope of autumn colors- those trees are hard to get past. Once you look up along the mountains to their peaks and then all the way to the sky you will feel the total picture and know what we mean by fishing in a painting. Some are fortunate to get a bonus like a great sunrise, sunset maybe a rainbow or awesome clouds and the moon. It sometimes does not look real it is so perfect and finely detailed and ever changing. The birds are intersting to watch this time of year and you will see many sorts from ducks to eagles. Can't forget the feeling and smell of the air, it's feeling is clean and crisp and the scent it's different now for sure- it smells like one of those room fresheners but REAL with the gentle scent of pine, the other plants and leaves and there's that little kick of the wood burning coming from the smoke of a cabins chimney. Your senses really can tell that the seasons are changing and winter is on the way. Now that all the summertime recreational activities are done and gone from this point on you might even find you are the ONLY one fishing on the lake and it feels as if the entire mountain and lake was reserved all for yourself. It is a treat like none other. We highly suggest if you're looking for a new adventure to give Big Bear Lake and charter fishing a try. You will not be disappointed and it is often the highlight of ones stay in Big Bear. It's more than fishing, it's a tour of the lake while relaxing and catching beautiful rainbow trout at the same time. You will find countless photo opportunities, memories and feeling of complete satisfaction when you get back to the dock. It's a huge surprise for many when they find out how much joy and fun times trolling for rainbow trout on such a beautiful lake can be. Once discovered how rewarding trout fishing can be, Big Bear usually becomes an annual getaway and there is an awesome bond many families and friends make with their favorite charter fishing guides. It's special fishing for a few hours together, getting to know folks and watching them catch their trout each year while on quality vacation time.  You may want to do all the fishing on your own and that's great too. Pleasure Point Marina is close to the Gold Rush office and it's where Lucky Bear Fishing Charters is located.  It's a wonderful marina and great location to fish out of. Pleasure Point offers pontoon and slip rentals and will do your Quagga Muscle inspection, issue you a lake permit and let you launch your boat if you moor there. Big Bear Sporting Goods is a great resource and place to shop if you plan to go fishing on your own. They will give you tips, sell you what you need and ultimately save you time and money.  If you go charter fishing or visit the guys at Big Bear Sporting Goods it can make a difference and you should be catching instead of fishing! We will continue to do charters until December 1st or as soon as 6" or more of snow arrives- which ever comes first. The trout bite should get better and better as the water temperature drops. Please go to Fishhound for the latest Big Bear Lake fishing reports. One of the most important things to consider when you visit Big Bear is where to stay. We know our customers who stay with Gold Rush Resort Rentals always enjoy their getaway and they mention how lovely, clean and conveniently located the cabins are and they really like the Gold Rush office location too. All customers plan to return which is a sure indication that Gold Rush treats folks right. Here's the phone numbers and web sites to the businesses mentioned who will all make your stay memorable and fun. Gold Rush Rental Resorts for cabin rentals: hit the CABIN SEARCH button above or call 1-866-372-2246. Pleasure Point Marina for pontoon/slip rentals: 909-866-2455. Lucky Bear Fishing Charters for guide service: 909-866-7303. Big Bear Sporting Goods for fishing  tackle, gear and pole rentals: 909-866-3222. IMPORTANT- anyone who plans to fish on Big Bear Lake who is 16 years or older must have a valid California fishing license. Please visit for licenses, general info and fish and game regulations. The limit is five trout per person each day. Well we pretty much have given you the resources needed to make your fall fishing trip complete while visiting Big Bear Lake now all you need to do is make your reservations!

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