Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coming soon .... some new high altitude recipes

   I have just been given a new cook book!  It's called "Pie in the Sky".  It is totally about baking practices and secrets for baking in high altitudes, and it's chock full of recipes!
   I have lived at a mile high (in altitude) or more for the last 26 years and have, of course, done a lot of baking over the years.  I have followed, or not, the "high altitude" directions in the same recipe at different times and have really not noticed any difference in taste or consistency, so we will see ...
    My goal is to pick a recipe and try it out using the high altitude changes and then again not using them, and report back.  If it turns out to be a worthy dish, I will also post the recipe in my blog. Check back for the results!!

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