Friday, December 21, 2012

Decorate Your Own Christmas Wreath!

  1. The artificial evergreen wreath is probably the most forgiving wreath to work with. You can bend and fluff the greens to make the wreath full or flat, whatever your preference. Start with a large wire ribbon bow. Always use wire ribbon because it's easy to turn and twist. Use a whole roll. You want the bow to be big. Loop the ribbon back and forth until you have six to eight loops; leave some ribbon at the beginning and end for tails. Tie the middle tightly with floral wire. Stand back and admire your work. As you continue to decorate think in odd numbers. Bunch three balls or other decoratives together and place on the wreath. Perhaps in another area, use a single pine cone. Attach your decorations with the floral wire. Hang the wreath on a door and stand back to determine what you want to add. Remember, sometimes less is more!
  2. The grapevine wreath is the most popular base to work with. You can keep it simple for a country     look or add lots of natural ingredients for a more sophisticated look. The grapevine looks nice by itself, so perhaps just adding something to one side and a bow may be enough. What is also nice about the grapevine wreath is you can stick decorations into the twigs. Little floral wire is necessary.
  3. So let your imagination run wild and create a "one of a kind" Christmas wreath to add a special touch to your home for the holidays!

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