Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Get your gloves, hat, scarf, and snow clothes ready for an awesome winter in Big Bear! We're looking forward to a great season ahead.

Every year we look forward to getting help from Santa and his helpers. Because Santa has endorsed our cabins to be his favorites he has allowed us to dawn his name! We look forward to the extra help that the elves give us during this time of year, it makes the demand of the season easier.

All of our guests spending time with us this holiday season will be treated to an exceptionally well prepared cabin, just perfect for your stay.
We promise that sugar plums will dance in your heads with a good nights sleep in our beds.

Your children will delight when they get a Santa visit one night. If you are staying in a Santa's cabin in Big Bear a few days prior to the holiday, Santa will be happy to stop in for a visit.

We are here to spread holiday cheer to all who make Santa's cabins their choice for the holiday season.

To help make a stay more affordable for you Santa is extending many special promotions throughout the season. Click this link to browse all the promotions Santa is currently offering.

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