Thursday, January 10, 2013

Big Bear's Urban Breakfast Spoon!(Stay tuned for Lunch and Dinner)

Cooking food, and the act of eating is an age old activity that makes us uniquely human. This is a time to socialize, talk, and gather together in places where we can come together and let our taste buds revel in all kinds of flavors and textures. Big Bear Lake may not very well be the "mecca," of fine dining or cuisine, but there are definitely some good eats to be had on the mountain. As a local to the valley for more than ten years my list can go on and on. I have listed a few of my all time favorite places to go, and dishes to try. This blog will be based on the best spots for breakfast, stay tuned for lunch blogs, and dinner blogs. (Please note that I have many more places that are great for breakfast. If I listed all of these places I would have a ten page blog!! 


The Grizzly Manor Cafe- Expect generous food portions, friendly staff, and that small town atmosphere along with some HUGE portions and delicious comfort food! Try the Biscuts and Gravy....delectable! Next time your in town don't forget to stop by for breakfast!

41268 Big Bear Blvd
Big Bear LakeCA 92315
(909) 866-6226

Teddy Bear Restaurant-Family owned and operated with the best home cooking around! Pies and cakes baked fresh daily! The breakfasts are affordable and satisfy any cravings for a home cooked breakfast! Try the "Farmers," next time you hit the mountain.

583 Pine Knot Ave
Big Bear LakeCA 92315
(909) 866-5415

Log Cabin Restaurant-Friendly staff, welcoming environment and great omelettes. Located just west of the Big Bear Village, Log Cabin is a must!

39976 Big Bear Blvd
Big Bear LakeCA 92315
(909) 866-7300

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