Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Snow Coming!

That's right, according to the weather reports, Big Bear Lake has a 40% chance of fresh snow falling tomorrow and again on Sunday. This is great news for all of our guests who are coming to the mountain to enjoy mother natures seasonal gifts.

Don't forget to look into our Snow Promo...... If you make a reservation for any non-holiday dates during the snow fall event or within 24 hrs. after you get some free gifts just for making your reservation.

So, layer your clothes, get some snow gear, mittens, and hats and high tail it to the mountains to enjoy the fresh powder that's only present a few months out of a whole year.

Idea #1 : Bring up some snow cone flavorings and make some "REAL" snow cones! :-)

Idea #2: Make snow sculptures, an old fashioned snowman, woman, child, animal, or anything that you want to create.

We start you off with our snowman kit and you do the rest. Take a photo and turn it in to be judged in our winter snowman contest where you could win a free 2 night stay in the Prospectors cabin. We have a variety of contests our guests are invited to enter if they choose.

We look forward to seeing you soon......

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