Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Real Magic Carpets Found in Big Bear!

Yes, Big Bear has real magic carpets! Whoever said that magic carpets don't exist has never been to Big Bear Lake.

A big favorite of many visitors ( and locals alike) is our commercial snow play hills. All day long the hill side at the resorts abound with guests wisking down the snowy slopes in brilliantly colored inner tubes!

The Gold Rush Resort Rentals office is just down the street from the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain, which is also home to Big Bear Snow Play Slopes. Offering a magic carpet for guests convenience.

The magic carpet has transformed this activity into a much easier experience, as it allows guests to simply board the carpet and rest while the carpet moves forward on its up hill climb to the top of the mountain. Once at the peek, guests simply get off the carpet, choose their spot and ride down the slope. Sounds easy? Well, it is! Simple as that.

No more climbing stairs, which makes it alot easier, especially when taking small children along. The magic carpet makes the day go by quickly and you're able to ride down alot more times than ever before.

The snow play hill is seasonal, however, the resort also grooms its hill with man made snow as often as proper conditions exist. So, it's open for snow play fun well into the Spring as the resort usually has a deep base.

Come on up to Big Bear and experience a real magic carpet ride, then, you too can tell everyone that magic carpets really do exist!

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