Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snow-cations are Coming to an End !

We have had lots of fun welcoming many vacationers to their very own snow-cation! As you can imagine, the winter is high time in Big Bear. Although Big Bear is a four season resort, many guests flock to our popular destination during the winter as Big Bear is Southern California's premiere destination for family fun of the snowy kind! 

Big Bear is home to two awesome ski resorts, Snow Summit and Bear Mtn., each offer their own specialties to skiers and snowboarders. With classes offered daily, families can come and enjoy whether they are beginners or old pros. Parents with small children can enter their children in classes in the kids' ski programs and have the comfort in knowing that the staff is helpful and friendly and that their child will end their day on the slopes with confidence and enthusiasm.

If you aren't into snow skiing or boarding the next best thing is to take a ride down snowy slopes at one of the commercial snow play areas in Big Bear Lake. We have two, one in Bear City and one towards the west side of Big Bear Lake.  You'll have fun at either one, whichever you choose you will be delighted to know that they each have a "magic carpet", yes, you heard me, a magic carpet! This wisks you up the hill without breaking a sweat! Just jump on and let it take you to the top while you ascend the hill. Once on top you simply place your inner tube where you want and glide down the hill to quickly want to get up and do it all over again.

Those guests who have rented a private cabin that offers it own snow play hill ( and we have a number of them to choose from) won't need to spend the extra money at the commercial resorts to have such fun. If you forgot to bring your tobbagan or snow saucer, Gold Rush Resort Rentals, or many other neighborhood retailers carries them for purchase.

When snow blankets the ground, you'd be hard pressed to not find a family or kids outside creating snowmen or other snow sculpture! It's fun to drive the streets and view the snow creations left by the artists that had fun in the afternoon.

Big Bear offers a small town atmosphere with a big heart! Our locals are friendly and eager to show our guests a great time!

Come on up and enjoy your own snow-cation before its too late!

The Friendly Team at Gold Rush Resort Rentals :-)

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