Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snow Creations for 2012/13 Winter Season

This winter season has been awesome! We thank all our returning guests as well as first timers for making Gold Rush Resort Rentals their choice for their stay this 2012/13 season.

Keeping with our motto, Service First - Fun Always, we embarked on making sure our guests had an opportunity to experience some good ol' fashion time in the snow by providing them with our "snowman" kit and letting them know that we are having a snowman contest for a free weekend.

Here are some creatively cute creations. It's going to be difficult to choose who is the winner! Actually, everyone is a winner when it comes to sharing some quality time with friends and family doing an activity you would not be able to share together when you are down the hill.

Check these out, we're sorry for some of the photos not being right side up, we aren't sure how to change this as we have tried various things to no avail.......


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