Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three Leaf Clover is not Milarky!

With St. Patricks Day approaching it's a good time to gather some three leaf clovers and add them to your floral arrangement, or , better yet, wear them somewhere on your person.

We were lucky enough to visit Ireland, bought a necklace that had a three leaf clover encased within a glass heart. We've seen them offered in a retail boutique in Las Vegas.

Anyway, just wanting to warn everyone, we've seen some funny little green fellows running around town, don't know what they are up to (certainly not as high as 3 ft. tall) but we believe they will be spreading some mischief over the lephrachaun holiday.

Keep your doors and windows closed, wear green, and drink shamrock shakes! We have a good recipe for making your own shamrock shake in our recipe section.

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