Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter Snow has been Perfect!

Today's scheduling has gone by quickly and the evening is now upon us. With most of our check-in's all snug in their cabins, we are awaiting a few more before calling it a day.

We've handed out snowman kits to our guests and are happily anticipating seeing the creative works of art that our guests come up with. Of course, all the new additions will be added to the contest.

Our team has really enjoyed this winter season! It's been nice to have some consistent snow fall in Big Bear without it being records levels, just enjoyable and pleasant.

Mother Nature seems to have planned it perfectly for our guests as well. Most of the time our snow events have fallen (pun intended) on or near the weekends making it awesome timing for everyone to enjoy the reason they came in the winter.

Our guests have told us that they enjoy when there is snow on the properties so that it allows them to stay at the property without getting into busy commercial locations.

Whatever you choose, making snowman, snow caves, snowball fights, or sledding down your own private snow play hill, we have many cabins to choose from for your perfect stay in Big Bear.

Our team is going to miss the winter season as it has been a fun time for all of us.

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