Monday, May 6, 2013

Mining Gems in Big Bear

Here's a new photo of our cabinet full of our personal collection of rocks, minerals, fossils and geodes.
The fossils are millions of years old. We find them absolutely AMAZING to think that these items have been in existance for so long and we can share them right here at Gold Rush!

We've added a few new items. This photo is highlighting the boxes displaying the raw material as you will discover it within our mining adventure and then what the mineral etc. will look like if you choose to have it faceted or cabachoned for jewelry. We even have a stone set in a ring and presented in a ring box just so you can see how it looks as a real piece of jewlery.

We are very excited to say the least and can hardly wait for guests to arrive and see what we are offering them with our mining adventures.

Stop by the office, come on in and see what we are up to.

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