Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cabins Close to Each Other

Have too many people in your group or family to put under one roof?  Here is another nifty feature to our website ... under the icon "Cabin Search" on the home page near the top on the left hand side, use the drop down menu and you will see "cabins by group"  This feature allows you to view cabins in our inventory that would be close by to each other (maybe a short walk or at the very most, a short drive between cabins). 

So, for instance, if you are planning a ski trip in the winter to ski at Snow Summit resort, you will see that we have 2 cabins very close to the resort - Chateau St. Moritz, and Bear Kub Kabin These two cabins are just a couple of streets apart and between them both you can sleep up to a total of 18 people!  Another plus to these cabins is the fact that they are both walking distance to Snow Summit - so you can leave the cars at the cabin and walk to the resort and you won't have to deal with traffic and parking issues that come with our busy winter ski season at the resort!

For a Spring, Summer or Fall getaway for all of you there would be the option of our 3 cabins in the Boulder Bay area:  Elk Lodge, Gold Rush and Chipmunk Lodge  Between these three cabins there would be occupancy for up to 42 people!   Also close to these three cabins is our Boulder Bay Condo with sleeping for an additional 5 people!  A plus feature to these cabins is the closeness to one of our local marinas - Pleasure Point Marina, where you can rent pontoon boats, canoes, kayaks ... the list goes on and on!

Wow!  The possibilities are endless with this feature - with different groups of cabins in many of our different "mini-areas" to suit any large grouping of Big Bear adventurers!   

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bacon Lovers Dream!

Here's a recipe that is going to be a hit for the upcoming July 4th holiday! All bacon lovers stand at attention and salute!

I don't have the specific spice mix but you can use any spices that you like, the most important ingrediants here are ground pork, barbecue sauce (whatever's your favorit) and BACON!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gold Rush Releases the "Crack'en"!

Look out! We've released the "Crack'en and it's ready to "Get - Crackin"!  Our "Crack'en" is not a mythalogical character, it's for real and is the only one of its kind!

The "Crack'en" is our unique custom designed apparatus made to safely crack open geodes. We give our guests their choice whether they have us crack them while they watch or if they want to crack it open themselves. We've designed it so that even a child can safely use it to crack open a geode.

This past weekend, the youngest miner we had was a 5 year old girl. She chose to pan for gemstones as well as crack open a geode. She was very excited and it was such a special time to watch her go through the experience of panning the gemstones and discovering her "treasure" as the water revealed the pretty colors and sparkling items.

Watching her excitement as she pulled on the handle to crack open her geode was also a treat! She and her family went home very pleased. They took with them, not only treasures from the earth, but priceless memories that will last a life time.

We love having fun at Gold Rush, we look forward to helping you have the time of your lives!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Gold Rush Welcomes Freddy Fender Jr.

Our family at Gold Rush Resort Rentals and Mining Adventures had the distinctive pleaure of helping the Old Miners Association welcome and host Freddy Fender Jr. at one of our cabins over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Fender was invited to Big Bear to take part of the Old Miners Heritage Day Parade. This years theme was dedicated to all the first responders who help our community stay safe everyday.

Mr. Fender and his wife were very gracious as well as generous in return. They took part in our mining adventure and were very surprised and pleased at the treasures they were taking home with them.

We look forward to welcoming the Fenders on another stay in Big Bear.

If you want to view more Old Miners Events click here. 

Dinosaurs are in Big Bear!

Yes, you heard correctly! There are Dinosaurs in Big Bear, well, at least there are dinosaur fossils in Big Bear.

Gold Rush Mining Adventures have brought the ancient specimens into their office for the viewing pleasure of their guests. Kids and adults alike have an aw-ha moment as they gaze in amazement at all kinds of ancient fossilized dinosaur items. Among the items are a giant megalodon tooth, mosasuar teeth, ammonites, a mammoth tooth, and coporilite (dinosaur poop) to name just a few.

If you are an enthusiast we even have fossil and dinosaur items for sale. Our museum of mineral and fossil collection is on display and waiting for you to enjoy. No charge for viewing.

We are also increasing the display space in the office in order to facilitate more items for viewing pleasure and items for sale.

We welcome all the Jurassic Hunters and Rock Hounds to stop by and see what we have "in store" (pun intended, lol) for you.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gold Rush Days are Back in Big Bear!

That's right, the Gold Rush is back on! Party down like the miners did in 1860 when the largest gold strike in Southern California took place, right in our own Valley.

Our team of "Glitter Girls" are here to help locals and visitors to Big Bear experience the thrill and excitement of discovering real gemstones, minerals, geodes, and fossils.

Our mining adventure is fun, easy, educational, affordable, and perfect for all ages. No shovels, No picks, No problem, No sweat! Your treasure is in the bag, so to speak. No two bags of mining ore are alike, pan one, two, or three bags. Our mining ore is enriched with a variety of natural minerals, rocks, gemstones, and fossils.

Once you choose your mining ore, you are invited to the mining sluice to wash the ore away from the treasure and discover what your lucky strike you have. Identifying your finds isn't difficult as we have tables to set them on to match them to the specimen charts. Once finished you can either take home to enjoy as is or turn them into our, "You Find'em - We Shine'em" service. For those wishing to take their mineral from rough to riches will get their gemstone cut for mounting into a ring or pendant.

We also have pendants in house to put your mineral in in its natural state.

No prospector goes home empty handed. If you want to take bags home for a party or event, we also ship anywhere if you call and order by phone.

Our family friendly location is right on Big Bear Blvd, just 1/2 mile from the Village. Proudly brought to Big Bear by Gold Rush Resort Rentals and Mining Adventures. 40016 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake

For More Information Call our Toll Free Number: 800 363-8303

Stake Your Claim to the Best Souvenir in Big Bear!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We All Love a Parade!

Well, yes, we do don't we?  If you need a "parade fix" and you will be in Big Bear Lake this Saturday, June 15th, join our town for the Big Bear Heritage Parade!   The parade is also known as the Old Miner's Day Parade.  This year we are honoring and saluting the brave officers who protected our community during the hunt for Christopher Dorner  this past February - an event which put Big Bear on the map world wide.  The theme this year is "Big Bear Thanks You!" and the Grand Marshall will be none other than our  own Deputy Alex Collins who assisted and was wounded while attempting to apprehend Dorner.

So come on up above the "June Gloom"  and join us this Saturday at 4 p.m. for a great "small town" parade!

Click on the link above for more information on the parade and all the events during our annual "Old Miner's Day" celebration!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Peacock Rock!!

Peacock Rock - or Peacock Ore is a copper ore mineral, Bornite, which is also known as "Chalcopyrite".  But we just call it Peacock Rock for easy identification!  It comes in many colors from pinks to blues, greens, turquoise and combinations of all of the above colors!  Sometimes it also contains sparkles of a gold-like substance which is not really gold but Pyrite (Fools Gold).  Peacock Ore is also known as a "Chakra" or "healing" stone which some believe will help to cleanse, balance and align all your Chakra energy centers individually.
As a retail item here in our office we offer for sale a selection of small size Peacock Ore at $.50 each, large size at $1.00 each and extra large at $2.00 each! 
So be sure to take in ALL of the new and exciting features in our office when you come visit us here at Gold Rush Resort Rentals!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Looking for that special cabin with a hot tub?

Looking for something special on your next visit to Big Bear?  Could this be maybe a cabin with a hot tub?  If you're planning a romantic weekend with your significant (or soon to be!) other, a way to relax and soothe sore muscles after a day riding our extensive system of new and improved mountain bike trails or after an exhilarating day at one of our 2 world class ski resorts - look no further!  Gold Rush Resort Rentals has an extensive list of cabins with hot tubs!  In fact, just about half of the cabins in our inventory will have a hot tub!  Most hot tubs are outside, a few are inside in their own space and our condo/cabin - Boulder Bay Condo has access to the complex spa and pool!

A newly added feature to our website is on the home page, just down from the top of the page on the left hand side under the icon "cabin search  use the "filter" check boxes to choose the amenities you're looking for, click "go" - and up will pop a listing of the cabins with your special choices!  You can click on that, or use the drop down menu under the "cabin search" icon and click on "cabins with hot tubs" to get a listing of all cabins with hot tubs - from small to large.  Choices .... choices!!

Our team of "Prospectors" (reservationists) are always ready to help you choose if you just can't make a decision!  Just call the office at 800-363-8303 or 909-866-5678 during normal business hours to speak with one of them!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Night at the Movies - Fun Time Dessert!

Another fun twist on the cupcake. The next time you have a movie night for the gang, try making these.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Gold Rush Mining Adventure!

This past Saturday, Gold Rush Mining Adventures hosted a gemstone mining adventure with Big Bear visitors Richard and Julie Wright of Bonsall, CA .  This just proves that our mining adventures are fun for EVERYONE of all ages!  Here are a few pictures from their adventure!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Searching for a "Pet Friendly" cabin?

Coming to Big Bear is fun for humans as well as our four legged furry friends - dogs - and cats as well!!  Save some money and stress on your best friend by bringing them with you instead of having your neighbor, mother-in-law, or worse - boarding them at the vets or in a kennel facility while you go and have a fun Big Bear adventure without them!

An added feature to our already very user friendly and fantastic website is this great way to search our cabins for those that will accept a pet, or, as we call them - "Pet Friendly" cabins!  From our home page - just down from the top on the left hand side, you will see the icon "cabin search".  You can click on that and use our convenient search filter feature to discover the plethora of pet friendly cabins - or just use the drop down menu and click the icon "pet friendly cabins" to see cabins listed within that category.  From our largest 5 bedroom luxury cabin to our smaller more economical versions you will find just the perfect place for you all to stay and enjoy our beautiful mountains.  We just ask that you read and understand our "pet policy" and agree to abide by it when you include them in your stay.

While you are enjoying Big Bear with your fur family member, be sure and take him or her for lots of walks. As long as they are leashed and you bring proper "clean up bags" - they are welcomed in our Village and on the local trails.  Just beware as Spring/Summer/Fall are seasons for rattlesnakes and care should be taken and you should be extra observant on all mountain trails.  Many of our local eateries will allow you to bring them with you to dine on their outside patios, there's a dog beach at one of our local "on the lake" restaurants and the Park and Recreation park has a totally fenced in dog park that has just been added to Meadow Park.  I even noticed that one of our local hardware stores - the DIY center, allows them to accompany you while you shop!  (Of course, under owner supervision and on leash!).  Also read the features "traveling with your pet" and "pet friendly info" contained within the website for more ideas, tips and information to make it an easy and fun experience for both human and pet!

Gold Rush Resort Rentals loves your furry family members and WE PROVE IT!