Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cabins Close to Each Other

Have too many people in your group or family to put under one roof?  Here is another nifty feature to our website ... under the icon "Cabin Search" on the home page near the top on the left hand side, use the drop down menu and you will see "cabins by group"  This feature allows you to view cabins in our inventory that would be close by to each other (maybe a short walk or at the very most, a short drive between cabins). 

So, for instance, if you are planning a ski trip in the winter to ski at Snow Summit resort, you will see that we have 2 cabins very close to the resort - Chateau St. Moritz, and Bear Kub Kabin These two cabins are just a couple of streets apart and between them both you can sleep up to a total of 18 people!  Another plus to these cabins is the fact that they are both walking distance to Snow Summit - so you can leave the cars at the cabin and walk to the resort and you won't have to deal with traffic and parking issues that come with our busy winter ski season at the resort!

For a Spring, Summer or Fall getaway for all of you there would be the option of our 3 cabins in the Boulder Bay area:  Elk Lodge, Gold Rush and Chipmunk Lodge  Between these three cabins there would be occupancy for up to 42 people!   Also close to these three cabins is our Boulder Bay Condo with sleeping for an additional 5 people!  A plus feature to these cabins is the closeness to one of our local marinas - Pleasure Point Marina, where you can rent pontoon boats, canoes, kayaks ... the list goes on and on!

Wow!  The possibilities are endless with this feature - with different groups of cabins in many of our different "mini-areas" to suit any large grouping of Big Bear adventurers!   

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