Monday, June 17, 2013

Dinosaurs are in Big Bear!

Yes, you heard correctly! There are Dinosaurs in Big Bear, well, at least there are dinosaur fossils in Big Bear.

Gold Rush Mining Adventures have brought the ancient specimens into their office for the viewing pleasure of their guests. Kids and adults alike have an aw-ha moment as they gaze in amazement at all kinds of ancient fossilized dinosaur items. Among the items are a giant megalodon tooth, mosasuar teeth, ammonites, a mammoth tooth, and coporilite (dinosaur poop) to name just a few.

If you are an enthusiast we even have fossil and dinosaur items for sale. Our museum of mineral and fossil collection is on display and waiting for you to enjoy. No charge for viewing.

We are also increasing the display space in the office in order to facilitate more items for viewing pleasure and items for sale.

We welcome all the Jurassic Hunters and Rock Hounds to stop by and see what we have "in store" (pun intended, lol) for you.

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