Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gold Rush Releases the "Crack'en"!

Look out! We've released the "Crack'en and it's ready to "Get - Crackin"!  Our "Crack'en" is not a mythalogical character, it's for real and is the only one of its kind!

The "Crack'en" is our unique custom designed apparatus made to safely crack open geodes. We give our guests their choice whether they have us crack them while they watch or if they want to crack it open themselves. We've designed it so that even a child can safely use it to crack open a geode.

This past weekend, the youngest miner we had was a 5 year old girl. She chose to pan for gemstones as well as crack open a geode. She was very excited and it was such a special time to watch her go through the experience of panning the gemstones and discovering her "treasure" as the water revealed the pretty colors and sparkling items.

Watching her excitement as she pulled on the handle to crack open her geode was also a treat! She and her family went home very pleased. They took with them, not only treasures from the earth, but priceless memories that will last a life time.

We love having fun at Gold Rush, we look forward to helping you have the time of your lives!

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