Saturday, June 8, 2013

Looking for that special cabin with a hot tub?

Looking for something special on your next visit to Big Bear?  Could this be maybe a cabin with a hot tub?  If you're planning a romantic weekend with your significant (or soon to be!) other, a way to relax and soothe sore muscles after a day riding our extensive system of new and improved mountain bike trails or after an exhilarating day at one of our 2 world class ski resorts - look no further!  Gold Rush Resort Rentals has an extensive list of cabins with hot tubs!  In fact, just about half of the cabins in our inventory will have a hot tub!  Most hot tubs are outside, a few are inside in their own space and our condo/cabin - Boulder Bay Condo has access to the complex spa and pool!

A newly added feature to our website is on the home page, just down from the top of the page on the left hand side under the icon "cabin search  use the "filter" check boxes to choose the amenities you're looking for, click "go" - and up will pop a listing of the cabins with your special choices!  You can click on that, or use the drop down menu under the "cabin search" icon and click on "cabins with hot tubs" to get a listing of all cabins with hot tubs - from small to large.  Choices .... choices!!

Our team of "Prospectors" (reservationists) are always ready to help you choose if you just can't make a decision!  Just call the office at 800-363-8303 or 909-866-5678 during normal business hours to speak with one of them!

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