Sunday, June 9, 2013

Peacock Rock!!

Peacock Rock - or Peacock Ore is a copper ore mineral, Bornite, which is also known as "Chalcopyrite".  But we just call it Peacock Rock for easy identification!  It comes in many colors from pinks to blues, greens, turquoise and combinations of all of the above colors!  Sometimes it also contains sparkles of a gold-like substance which is not really gold but Pyrite (Fools Gold).  Peacock Ore is also known as a "Chakra" or "healing" stone which some believe will help to cleanse, balance and align all your Chakra energy centers individually.
As a retail item here in our office we offer for sale a selection of small size Peacock Ore at $.50 each, large size at $1.00 each and extra large at $2.00 each! 
So be sure to take in ALL of the new and exciting features in our office when you come visit us here at Gold Rush Resort Rentals!

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