Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 4th Holiday Options

We are on the eve of one of the most exciting calendar days and weekends in Big Bear Lake. The independance day holiday is known to locals and visitors alike to be an exceptional treat.  With lots of options for enertainment and activities, our mountain community can be considered a Disneyland in the San Bernardino Mountains.

If you haven't made reservations to stay the weekend, it isn't too late. Our office will stay open until 5 pm tomorrow to welcome guests looking for a cabin for the night, 2 nights, or extended weekend. If you're just visiting for the day, you have lots of  choices on activities to explore and have a memorable time.

First stop to consider is our Gold Rush Mining Adventures. Finding treasure is always exciting, our mining attraction is sure to please all ages. Easy and fun, you don't even break a sweat, we have everything you need to assure success. 

There are many other activities throughout the valley to consider. There's an Independence Day Fair at the Convention Center running from July 4 - 6. There are more than 50 crafters offering their creative items ranging from food products, clothing, garden trinkets and more. Continual live music will run everyday during the fair , performances featuring Silver Moon on Thursday and Friday and Skeleton Key on Saturday. Enjoy food and drink at Wyatt's Cafe and Saloon while kicking back and enjoying the music. Admission each day is free, hours are  10 a.m.-5 p.m. each day. 

If you are in the mood for more music, try going over to The Cave, Big Bear's newest  concert venue. Beginning at noon on the July 4th holiday there will be two bands featuring music by Bruce Sprinsteen and Tom Petty. The Bear Cave Event Center is located in the Village.

Another option for food is the annual July 4th holiday barbecue hosted by the Rotary Club. Location for the barbecue is at the waterfront resort, the Marina Resort. Aside from the barbecue, there's also entertainment with games and facepainting for kids. The barbecue begins at 4:30-7:30 p.m. $25 includes entry and choice of steak or chicken dinner prepared by Barnstorm Restaurant, or $20 buys hamburger or hot dog meal from Red Baron Pizza. Beer and wine available including Big Bear’s own Stone Summit selections plus there’s festival food for purchase.

The Rotary hosts this event well and also offers an option of combining the cost of the meal, served with reserved seating on the deck for the show's best view for only $75.00 per VIP ticket. For $20.00 less ($50.00 price) guests will have reserved seating without the meal.

There are so many more options to explore but the main event is produced by Big Bears' Rotary Club. Known as Rotary Fireworks Show for StorySouthern California's best free show this year is no exception. The Rotary Club is reporting approximately $60,000 in fireworks to be set to light up the sky and illuminate the waters below. If you have a boat the best viewing is right on the lake. If you do not have a boat we highly recommend renting one if you can find one available. There's nothing like the experience of sitting on the boat as it rocks gently from the waves all the while watching the sky directly overhead light up in spectacular style while also taking in the reflection of the light as it dances all around you with the reflection in the water. There is no display anywhere that can give you the same effect as you get when you are floating on the lake during the show.  The Rotary is reporting to set off somewhere around 2,000 fireworks rockets during the grand finale, that's alot of explosives in a very short period of time. Don't just imagine, come and enjoy!

The next question to answer is, Where's the best seat for viewing? Any location around the lake, North or South shores is good. However, is the Rotary's options as well as B's Backyard Barbecue on the water. If you want to be on the water, aboard the Miss Liberty paddlewheeler during the show. The Miss Liberty launches from the Pine Knot Marina at 8pm.

Whatever you choose to do in Big Bear on the 4th or the holiday weekend is guaranteed to be exciting and fun, even if you're looking for a nice relaxing stay at a cabin. Take a deep breath and take in what fresh mountain air is like.

We look forward to welcoming you all to an awesome holiday weekend!

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