Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Cabin Family is Growing!

Yes, like the title of this blog says, our Big Bear "cabin family" is growing!

We have just recently added 3 new cabins to our rental program!  Cozy Bear Cottage, Dakota Cabin, and Montana Cabin are the 3 newest members to our growing family!

All 3 cabins have hot tubs, Montana Cabin and Cozy Bear Cottage are both pet friendly with Montana Cabin having a fully fenced in yard for your furry family member to roam in!  These are all smaller sized cabins, sleeping between 4 and 5 people.  They are also economically priced cabins!  So check them out and maybe one of these newer cabins will appeal to your senses and pocketbook!

Cozy Bear Cottage - 1                              Montana Cabin - 13

The view from Cozy Bear                               Dakota Cabin                                        Montana Cabin

Oh ..... and stay tuned!!!!  More new family members are being added very very soon!  

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