Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And Again ..... Our Cabin Family Continues to Grow!!

We are a growing family and this is an update on 8 more new cabins that have just joined our rental program!

Starting with the small size (2 bedroom) we have added Rony's Retreat      


Pictures on these 2 will be added to our website very very soon!

New 3 bedroom cabins include:
Gold Mountain Lodge - 1 

Casa de Oso - 1

And Peaceful Pines   (Pictures coming soon!)

Last but not least -  we have one larger cabin, a 4 bedroom,  just added:  
Mockingbird Dream:  .... with pictures coming soon, also!!

So check out our newest additions, and check out the website for any specials that may be associated with them. ( ).  Check back soon for those pictures as our photographer has been out in the field snapping away with her camera to bring a face to the name, so to speak, on our new family members!

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