Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Looking for a good turkey recipe for this Thanksgiving? Here is my favorite family recipe, Our Thanksgiving turkey.

22lb Turkey 

(Read turkey package for exact cooking times) 

1) Rolls the Turkey in Kosher Salt

2) Empty Cavity

3) Butter the outside of the turkey

4) Put one full cube of butter inside the turkey cavity

5) Cut up a large orange into slices and put inside the cavity of the turkey.

6) Use Rosemary Tyme for between the skin and meat. 

* Keep basting the turkey to keep it from drying out. (Use the juices from inside the cavity)  

* If you freeze some grapes and roll them in sugar for decorations it surly makes the presentation a nice as well as a nice little snack while you're waiting for the rest of your family to arrive :) 

After all is done this is what you'll have

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving,

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