Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Long Range Weather Forcast

Well, it looks like our winter weather will be improving to be more "winter-like" for February, at least, for now!

We have already started off this first of February with a little snowfall over the last couple of days, and temps are way down to their winter levels (29 degrees at this mid-day writing).  Our local weather forecaster, Ben Brissey is predicting that February will have more typical winter type weather than this past January gave us.  At any rate, it  will be more favorable for snow making, if Mother Nature does not smile on us with some of the "natural" white stuff!

Winter - Aktiv im Winterulaub - Nationalpark erleben | Wildkogel-Arena ...

Don't get me wrong, the skiing conditions have been great, even without her help.  Both Big Bear ski resorts have the biggest and most modern snow making system in the country and with those resources, they have been keeping up with skiers and snow boarders, giving them great conditions, even with the warmer weather we have been having.

A good weather resource is Ben's website:  http://www.bensweather.com/.  He is very accurate at predicting upcoming weather events and has been a local mainstay in our community for many years!

So, continue to "think snow", do your snow dances and think about coming up and spending a couple of days in one of our cabins, maybe like Chateau St. Moritz http://www.bigbearrentalcabins.com/rental/house.html?ID=18&Avail=&Stay=&User=GRR3557 or Peaceful Pines  http://www.bigbearrentalcabins.com/rental/house.html?ID=79&Avail=&Stay=&User=GRR6180 - just to name 2 of our awesome cabins!

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