Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Calling All Miners!

Howdy Partners ....

Hey there all you miners .... young and old, why don't ya'all come on over to Gold Rush and "mine" fer some gems and minerals? We have a barrel load of great stones here that ya just might like .... and .... some of those old ancient rocks that we call "geodes". Those are the rocks that when you crack 'em open they just be full of sparkly crystals inside! Come and meet "The Cracken"!  We even have fossils like sea creatures, petrified dinosaur poop, bones and teeth that came from real dinosaurs!  Ya never know what yer gonna get .... it's always different! You can just mine for gems and minerals or put together one of our "package deals" that will have other items included that will give ya a big bang for yer buck!

Oh yeah, and we also have some of them there Big Bear souvenirs, some mighty purty rock jewelery if you're hankerin to impress a certain lady .... and a plethora of other unique gift items! Ohhhhh and don't forget the fudge ..... Yes! We have award winning fresh fudge that will make yer mouth water just by looking at it!

We're here every dern day of the week ... usually from 10 till 5 - just waitin fer ya! We're always gettin new stuff to peaque your curiosity -  so visit us often!  You can find us at 40016 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake, CA (92315) and visit our awesome website at

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