Friday, December 5, 2014

... horseback riding through the snow in my Winter Riding Tips article
Horseback Riding in Baldwin Lake
The crisp cold air, the wind on your face and you feel completely free! Riding a horse is a powerful feeling, you feel as though you are able to become one with this magnificent beast. Horses and humans do share an ancient relationship, the first domestic horses were about four thousand years ago from the Asian nomads. They remain loyal to humans and they hold a place within many cultures still today. Horses have been linked to heroic exploits in war as well. Horses graze and there are about four hundred different species of horses and there are some that remain in the wild. Wild horses gather in groups up to twenty, a stallion, which is a mature man horse will lead the group, female are called mares, and young horses are called foals. When young male horses become about two years of age the stallion will drive them away, they will in turn roam with other males until they are able to gather their own females to create their own herd. The Przewalski’s horse is the only horse that has never been domesticated and today they only exist in captivity, the last wild Przewalski horse was seen in Mongolia in 1968. Here is a list of facts about horses;
·         Horses are able to sleep either laying down or standing up
·         Shortly after a horse is born they are able to run
·         Domestic horse can live for about 25 years
·         Horses have about 250 bones within their skeleton
·         Horse are herbivores
·         A horse has the biggest eyes of any other mammal that lives on land
·         Horses eyes are on the sides of their head so they are able to see about 360 degrees
·         Horses gallop at around 27 miles per hour
·         The fasted recorded speed was at 55 mile per hour
·         There are about 60 million horses in the world
·         Scientist believe that horses has evolved from a smaller creature from about 50 million years ago
·         A young male horse are called colts and a young female horse is called a filly
·         A pony is a small horse
Baldwin Lake Stables here in Big Bear is open year round, the rates are by the hour, they offer one to four hour rides, however, reservations is suggested. There is also pony rides and a petting zoo for the kids, as well as a half day lunch ride along the Pacific Crest Trail, or if you want romance there is also a Majestic Sunset ride. So, hop on line Partners and make your reservation at or call them at 909-585-6482. As you plan to make your reservations to go horseback riding, come stay at one of our cabins here at Gold Rush Resort Rentals, you can reach us at 800-363-8303 or and during your stay with us come see our mining adventures where you can discover real gem stones and fossils, you can take a peek at so come and enjoy all the fun here at Gold Rush Resort Rentals.

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