Monday, December 8, 2014

We're Doing the "Snow Dance"!

Well, here we go again, waiting for Mother Nature or Father Winter, whichever you prefer, to grace us with some of that "white stuff" that keeps our little town going in the winter!

"Big Bearians" do what's called the snow dance in late Fall and Winter .... it's done in a variety of different ways ... mentally and physically .... clothes on, clothes off - we figure which ever way works is best!

 But seriously, folks it looks like we just might get a taste of it this upcoming weekend!  We've got our fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossed that the weather forecast will be "spot-on" and get us started on a great, snowy winter!

With that said, we still have some vacancies for Christmas reservations with specials that just might be the ticket for a great get-away for you and the family, or group of friends. or just you and your "significant other".  Check out the specials page at:  We have before Christmas specials, fill the gap specials, New Year's specials galore and more!

So why doncha help us out and do a snow dance of your own!  We could sure use the help - besides it's good to get that old heart pumping, get the blood flowing ... take care of 2 birds with one stone so to speak!  Dance on ..............

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