Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kick Off to Shark Week!

Our Shark Bait Nibbles and Chum as well as Museum Megalodon & Great White Shark Teeth Display

We've had an awesome kick off to our shark week today! It's been fun welcoming guests who are unsuspecting and see their faces as we help them explore our many creatively fun shark themed items.

As we swim thru the week, we are looking forward to continuing our pursuit and enlightenment of the shark species.

Don't forget to coast by when you have some time. Our sharks are dying to greet you. Come on over and meet all of our sharks, they're just hangin' round to catch a wave from you.

Don't forget to...."wave" goodbye on your way home.  And just a reminder, shark week on the Discovery Channel begins tonight at 8pm!

Catch you later........Your SHark Team Experts at Gold Rush

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