Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Greedy aliens

Did you know that gold came from meteorites that pummeled the earth about 4 billion years ago? Crazy right? Yeah, I agree. To think that a lot of our precious metals came from, literally, out of this world, is baffling.
This is a fairly new theory that stands on the fact that many precious metals are attracted to iron, which is what the core of the earth is made of. So, they believe that if the metals were already here when the earth was forming, it only makes sense that they would have ended up (been sucked into the core of our earth like a magnet attracting metal) in the center of the earth, not have been left on the surface of it. Iron attracts metals like tungsten, iridium, platinum, nickel and of course, gold.
Think about it, that ring, necklace, earring or bracelet you are wearing, essentially came from outer space billions of years ago.
The craters on our moon suggest that it too,

took a beating at the same time our earth did. But then wouldn’t there be gold on the moon as well? I guess science is still developing and we are constantly learning. Only time and further information and proof will tell. That would be pretty cool though, right? Hey, let’s go mining on the moon!
Researchers have calculated (if this theory is correct) that about a half of a percent of our earth’s mantle was added from meteorites. Therefore, only a percentage of that half a percent would have precious metals in it, right? That doesn’t seem like very much but it’s a big world…… or is it a small world? I guess it depends on how you look at it.

So maybe our most precious resources are from here, maybe they are not. But if they are from outer space, then that leaves us with the question, where do the meteorites come from? And here’s another curve ball for you: some people believe aliens are not only real, but come here in search of our resources like gold. That wouldn’t make sense if they have an abundance of it out there, right? Unless aliens are greedy….. which means we’re not so different after all.
Something to think about! Who knows?

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