Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Log Cabin- Simplicity is Beautiful

When I think of the log cabin, I think of early America. I think of America being discovered and hopeful settlers building these simple homes on their claimed land- starting farms, ranches and families if they didn’t already have one.
I think of the heart and character of early Americans- every one of them an immigrant. They came to this country with big dreams in their heads of freedom and unlimited possibilities. Only thing that would hold them back is their selves, but if they worked hard enough, they could have anything. This is something not possible where they came from.
They were chasing the American dream and the log cabin provided shelter. It provided a place to stay warm, rest, eat, and make memories and a home in. There are countless stories of hardship and things that had to be overcome in order to have this.
These simple homes were easy to build. All they had to do was to cut down some timber and lay one log on top of the other. They filled the cracks and spaces in with mortar or mud. They typically had only a single room, some became more complex with additional rooms and even 2nd stories. These cabins were rustic, yet cozy. They did the job and became home to so many people.
Think about it, most people spent their first Christmas as a free person in the comfort of a log cabin, had their first child, got married and spent that marriage in this simple home they built with their bare hands. It’s amazing how much things have changed.
Now days, it’s practically unheard of for someone to own or even live in a cabin. They are more of something neat and different that you can book a short vacation in. And people do so in hopes to reconnect with traditional family values and to bring them down to earth again, to help connect them to nature and the roots of this nation.

The log cabin is an American Icon, definitely. It represents a new but rough start. The cabin represents firsts of lots of things, beginnings- new beginnings. The cabin represents what hard work can get you- freedom and something to call your own. The log cabin is simple, but sometimes that’s the best way- simplicity. Simplicity is beautiful.

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