Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hiking in Big Bear

Trying to figure out what to do next?  Well, here in the Big Bear Valley, we are surrounded by acres and acres of National Forest land - actually over a million acres!  We have all levels of hiking trails from a very easy, self-guided, interpretive trail, to several difficult trails, to sections of the Pacific Crest Trail meandering throughout the Valley.

Also, as mentioned in a previous blog, there is a very easy hike sponsored by our local Big Bear Lake Discovery Center that takes place on weekends - originating at the center and taking only about 30 minutes.  A great place to get started on learning about our local flora and fauna.

Next in difficulty would be the Woodland Trail, which is an easy 1.5 mile loop trail just east of the Discovery Center.. It is a good trail for the beginning hiker, old, young or in-between! You pick up a brochure at the beginning of the trail and, at your leisure, match the numbers on the various posts to the number in your brochure and you can gain all kinds of knowledge on the botany, geology and wildlife of our mountain area.  You also get some fantastic views of different points of the surrounding mountains and the lake.

Four of our other, more popular trails: Castle Rock, Cougar Crest, Gray's Peak and Pineknot Trail are listed as "moderate to difficult".  The Sugarloaf National Recreational Trail is a longer, more difficult trail - listed as "difficult". And of course the Pacific Crest Trail that goes from Canada to Mexico, winds through our Valley on it's way north or south!

Information on any of our hiking trails can be found at the Discovery Center or the Forest Service office, both of which are on the North Shore of the lake.  They have hiking maps and all kinds of good information on hiking Big Bear.  You can also access their information on the web at:

You can bring along your furry family member(s) as well!  Just make sure you pick up after them and keep them on leash!  Once you decide on conquering one of our trails, be sure to take lots of pictures and "pack out what you pack in"!  Respect our forest and take care of it for future hikers!  Happy hiking!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

More Goings On in Big Bear

The Big Bear Lake Discovery Center, located on the north side of the lake, offers all kinds of different activities during the year.  Most of which are free!

Most every weekend there are nature walks taking place at different times on Saturdays and Sundays, early afternoon.  These easy walks originate at the Discovery Center and take about 30 minutes.  You will learn about local plant life, wildlife and interesting historical facts. 

Usually taking place on Saturdays as well, are  classes offering nature  crafts and a story time hour for the kids.

Because it's spring, there is also a "Wildflower Walk" at the Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve, which is a wonderful place for wildflower viewing.  The Reserve is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m on weekends.  There is a guided walk at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday April 30th.    The Reserve is down the road from the Discovery Center, located on Highway 18 just east of Holcomb Valley Rd.

Visit the Discovery Center website at:
And their calendar of events at:

The Big Bear Lake Discovery Center is an awesome resource for  information and fun! So plan on a visit to the north side of the lake, next time you're in Big Bear!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Lake is Open! Miss Liberty Paddleboat Tours Season Opener! This Weekend!

Big Bear isn't just about winter sports, folks!  We do have hiking, mountain biking, off roading adventures, "Music in the Mountains" concerts (more on that later!), peace and quiet, clear blue skies  ..... and of course, our lake! 

Many of you might not know that our lake is closed during the winter because several of our national birds, the bald eagle, call our lake home during winter months.  The lake is closed to boating activities then, to give them plenty of room and peace and quiet to fish, nest and live away from the colder areas that they frequent during the non winter months.

But back to our lake and summer activities!!
This Saturday, April 23, the premier tour boat of Big Bear Lake, the "Miss Liberty"

will be kicking off the season with a special "kick-off" tour which included specials on finger foods, snacks, beer and wine.  They will also be having drawings for prizes and Miss Liberty tour tickets. 

You need to have a reservation and purchase a ticket to participate in the tour. 

Tours are offered all Spring, Summer and Fall seasons - weather permitting, of course!

You can purchase tickets and  see more information on tour times and special tours offered by visiting their website at:

Sunday, April 17, 2016

You Need to See This!

Howdy Partners!

You really need to see what's been going on in our "Gold Rush Mining Adventures and Gift Emporium" store!  We've been adding and changing things left and right! Aside from offering over 700 different products here in the store, the look and feel of our store is changing also!
We've added plenty of the most beauteous jewelry and trinkets you could ever imagine!  We even have "Unicorn Eggs"

"Mermaid Tears"

 Mermaid "Current-Sea"

"Magical Sea Horse Eggs"

 and "Pirate's Booty"

- just to name a few of our new items!  You'll just have to come on in and check us out real soon!

Watch our Blog for more pictures and information - coming soon!