Thursday, June 16, 2016

Arrrrrrre you ready?

Pirates. The tales of pirates have been around for centuries. Along with the tales they told one another out at seas. Rather it was a Halloween costume or the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise we all have had an interest in pirates at one point, or still do. There's just something about the trouble making travelers that intrigues us all. But perhaps for some it wasn't the pirates that caught their attention but the fact that they hunted for treasures. Pirates and treasure hunting have gone hand in hand since the beginning of the tale telling. Rather it was burring their own treasure or chasing after a different crews treasure, they are usually told within the same stories. Over time the life of a pirate has well, died out. There may still be "pirates" but not anything compared to what they used to be, we hope! As the life of a pirate has faded away, you'd think so has the treasures too, right? Nope! X marks the spot atop our mining adventures here at Gold Rush! We take you on a journey to discover all of the lost treasures of the sea! Starting as low as $25 you can dive into one of our Pirate Plender adventures! And when I say dive in, I mean it! Being that we are trying to recreate the feeling of a pirate's lost treasure we bury the items in sand UNDER water! No, you won't need your bathing suits, just a camera to capture how excited the kids will be! Although pirates may have been known for their scary and selfish attitude our team here at Gold Rush is anything but that! We try to give you the feel of a under the sea pirate adventure but with a warm, welcoming, and helpful attitude to give you the best possible experience! So what AAAARRRRREEEE you waiting for? There's so much to chose from and discover! Not only do we offer a pirate adventure but also Ancient Sea Tanks, Frozen Digs, Paleo Egg Digs, Mermaid Sacred Sea Chests, Mystery Buckets, Gemstone Bags, Geode cracking and of course panning for Gold! Time's a tickin' Matey! Give us a call at (800) 363-8303 or check out our website at We look forward to unbarring the treasures of the deep with you and your family!

                                                           your mate, Danyel @ Gold Rush

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Red, White, and Blue skies!

The 4th of July, a day to remember our independence. Over the years we have not only taken this day to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, but also to come together and celebrate in general. BBQ's, picnics, fun in the sun, and of course you can't forget fireworks. Rather it be camped out on the shore somewhere, atop a hill, or my personal favorite, on a nice boat in the middle of the lake. Us locals in Big Bear look forward to the 4th of July almost as much as we do Christmas. Most people wouldn't think that our quiet little town would be the place to go to see an amazing firework show, but boy is it. At around 9pm all of the boats start honking their horn as the tester shooting to the sky and booms, sending sparks trailing down the the water beneath. Everyone tunes to our local radio station in time to hear our classic Big Bear Lake theme song, a tradition if you will. Or as my family has done in the past, remain silent so you can hear the echos of all of the boats around you playing the song. As soon as the traditional song ends, the show starts. I could try to explain the feeling of our fireworks from a boat beneath, but no words will compare to how amazing and breath taking it actually is. All I can confirm for you is that it is a sight you will not forget for years to come. But I have gotten ahead of myself, before the display of fireworks you have the  entire day before you to spend. Although some may want to be on the boat all day or shore side playing in the water, you may want something more to your weekend. Here at Gold Rush not only can we offer you a quiet cabin for your weekend but we also do a variety of different mining adventures. The 4th is getting closer, so hurry and check out our website to book a cabin or check out to find out about our mining adventures. Or we are open 7 days a week so you can give us a call at (800) 363-8303 for any questions you have or information you may want.

                                 Look forward to helping you plan your perfect 4th weekend!
                                                        Danyel @ Gold Rush 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Fun in the sun!

School's out, the weather is warming up, and your tradition for a nice vacation is just around the corner! But where to go? What to do? Well, I have all of your answers in 2 words, Big Bear! Or here's another 2 words, Gold Rush! Don't worry, you don't have to pick between the two because Gold Rush is located in Big Bear! We have all you could need and more up here in the mountains! A nice lake to picnic by, rent a boat for the day, rent some jet-skis, fishing equipment, or even just relax in a secluded cabin among the pine trees and light summer breeze. Whatever may sound appealing to you and your family, our team at Gold Rush can fulfill your needs, well with the cabin part at least. We offer a variety of cabins spread throughout the valley ranging from a cute and cozy 1 bedroom to a house able to sleep the whole gang plus the family pup! We have some houses closer to the lake, some closer to town, some away from town, and even some near Snow Summit! I know, having a cabin is one thing, but having an enjoyable cabin is another! That's why some of our houses offer game rooms with pool or Foosball tables and hot tubs of all shapes and sizes! Now I understand that I may be talking this up too much for you to believe, right? Wrong! Check out our website and see for yourself! or give us a call at 1(800)363-8303 We are here every day of the week to help you decide on the perfect cabin for you and your families needs. Looking forward to helping you create memories and have an amazing stay in our great little town!
                                                                   Danyel @ Gold Rush