Saturday, September 10, 2016

Another Summer's in the Books

Howdy Partners!

Well, it looks like the Summer of 2016 is in the history books and it's time to turn our attention to the coming Fall - or - Autumn season - whichever term you prefer.

I've often wondered why our "third" season has 2 common names, so, as any curious 21st century kinda "tech savy" girl would do, I "Googled" it!  According to what I learned, the words "Fall" and "Autumn" are widely used and mixed up throughout the "English" language.  The word "Autumn" comes from the French word "automne" and the word "fall" comes from the term "fall of the leaf" which was shortened to the single word we use today -  "fall".  So whichever word you prefer to use - it's all good!

At any rate it means lots of things to us living here high above the valleys below.  For one, it means a temporary slow down of the influx of tourists that summer traditionally brings. During this time of year, the busy days are not every day of the week, but usually just the weekends.

That brings to the top of the list, our annual Oktoberfest - which is one of the best in Southern California!  This year it runs from September 10th clear thru till October 29th, which give us 8 weekends to enjoy the 46th year of this fun event!  Lots of activities are planned that appeal to one and all who attend!

Also let's not forget that Big Bear is a four season resort town and we do have many tree varieties that give us awesome fall colors when it starts getting cooler, which is the main factor that makes the leaves change their color.  It's a veritable plethora of photographic opportunity!

So why not plan an adventure and join us in discovering "Fall" or "Autumn" in Big Bear!